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Tu Lan 3 Days – Jungle & Cave Exploration

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Bài gửiTiêu đề: Tu Lan 3 Days – Jungle & Cave Exploration 17/1/2014, 2:06 pm

Tour Code: IGT-CAV-18
Duration: 3Days / 2 Nights
Price: US$320 per person, departures every Tuesday and Saturday at 8:00AM from local hotels in Phong Nha (minimum 2 pax)
Tu Lan 3 Days - Jungle & Cave Exploration
Spend three-days and two-nights deep in the remote jungle and caves of Tu Lan, located on the border of Laos, and just 70km North-West of Phong Nha. With an expert English-speaking guide and jungle porter team from the local minority village experience the very best camping and caving adventure in Vietnam.
Our three-day tour is a more difficult trek (up to 18km) with a number of steep inclines over limestone mountain trails. You will have time to explore almost all of the caves in the area (that we know of) including Tu Lan Cave, Hang Kim and Hang Ken, which was featured as the National Geographic Photograph of the year in 2011. You’ll see many beautiful cave formations, swim through underground rivers and visit spectacular waterfalls inside the caves and surrounding valleys.
With two nights camping in the great outdoors you will have plenty of time to soak in the jungle atmosphere and learn more about the local people of the area. The food is a highlight for many, with an amazing BBQ prepared each evening by our expert jungle men. This is not a walk in the park and is setup as a real jungle adventure. You will swim through caves, traverse wide rivers, and negotiate rocky trails, but it will no doubt be a highlight of your travels in Vietnam.
Safety is absolutely paramount on all trips operated by iGrandtour and you will be provided with helmets, life jackets, headlights and trekking boots (limited sizes 38 – 46). All camping gear will also be provided and carried by your porters. The minimum age we accept is 16 years with no exceptions. All tours are on a join in basis and we do not accept private tours. On this tour you will have more time to explore the caves and go deeper then our 2-day discovery.
Adventure Level: Moderate-to-High (16-18km). Must have decent level of fitness.
Highlights: Primary Forest; Tu Lan Cave, To Mo Valley, Hang Kim Cave, Swimming in Caves (weather permitting), Ken Waterfall, Hang Ken Cave, Hang Chuot, Overnight in jungle.
Trekking Gear: Helmet, Trekking Boots (sizes 38-46), Headlight, Life Jacket, Hammock, Sleeping Bag.
Tu Lan 3 Days - Jungle & Cave Exploration
Tu Lan 3 Days - Jungle & Cave Exploration
Tu Lan 3 Days - Jungle & Cave Exploration
Day 1: Phong Nha – Tan Hoa – Tu Lan Valley (L,D)
08:00 – Pick up from local hotels in Phong Nha and transfer.
08:30 – Transfer to Tan Hoa Village by air-conditioned vehicle.
10:00 – Arrive in Tan Hoa and trek 2km across the peanut and buffalo fields to the Rao Nan River.
10:30 – Cross the river and climb 200m up a rocky hillside to Hung Ton Valley.
10:45 – Trek 1km through thick scrub across Hung Ton Valley and climb moderate Hung Ton Mountain.
11:30 – Follow the trail and mountain ridge (3km) and trek up to Mango Mountain.
13:00 – Arrive at the top of Mango Mountain and enjoy a picnic lunch.
14:00 – Continue trekking down the mountain (2km) to Tu Lan Valley.
16:00 – Arrive at Tu Lan Valley campsite and enjoy swimming around the waterfall.
18:00 – Enjoy a delicious BBQ dinner with your team. Overnight at Tu Lan Valley Campsite.
Day 2: Tu Lan Valley – Tu Lan Cave – To Mo Valley (B,L,D)
08:00 – Breakfast
09:00 – Swim 200m into Tu Lan Cave and climb through dry passage back to Tu Lan Valley (2km)
11:00 – Swim 200m into Ken Cave and explore the cave and its formations before returning to campsite.
12:30 – Picnic Lunch at Tu Lan Valley Campsite.
13:30 – Trek towards Hang Kim (500m) and explore dry passage of the cave.
14:30 – Swim and climb through Hang Kim Cave (1km) and exit at To Mo Valley.
15:30 – Swim/trek up river to To Mo Valley Campsite beside the Hung Ton waterfall.
16:00 – Arrive at To Mo Valley Campsite and enjoy swimming at the waterfall.
18:00 – BBQ Dinner and overnight in To Mo Valley.
Day 3: To Mo Valley – La Ken Valley – Tan Hoa – Phong Nha (B,L)
07:00 – Breakfast
08:00 – Swim upstream 200m past waterfall and through Hung Ton Cave.
08:30 – Explore Hung Ton Cave dry passage
09:30 – Climb 15m ladder with safety rope to entrance of Hung Ton Cave.
09:45 – Start trekking across Hung Ton Valley and over hill to La Ken Valley (2.5km).
11:30 – Arrive La Ken Valley and go 400m through Hang Chuot (Rat Cave).
12:30 – Cross Rao Nan River back to peanut and buffalo fields and trek 2km back to Tan Hoa
13:45 – Lunch at local restaurant in Tan Hoa Village.
14:30 – Depart Tan Hoa Village for Phong Nha.
16:00 – Arrive Phong Nha and transfer to local hotel.
Price & Reservations: US$320 per person with departures every Tuesday and Saturday at 8:00AM from local hotels in Phong Nha (minimum 2 pax).
Tour Includes: Picnic Lunches, Dinners, Breakfasts (at the cave), Entrance Fees, Trekking & Camping Gear, Tour Guide, Porters, Transport and VAT.
Tour Excludes: Hotel (before/after tour), Breakfast/Dinner (before/after the tour), Personal Expenses, Travel Insurance.

Indochina Grand Tour Corporation
Address: # 20 - Thai Thinh II Str - Dong Da Dist - Hanoi - Vietnam
Tel: +84 466 805 749
Skype: Annaigrandtour
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Tu Lan 3 Days – Jungle & Cave Exploration

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